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As you already know, Kotlin can run on a virtual machine, which means that you can create a code in Kotlin and use its transpilers to modify it to another language. However, the virtual machine doesn’t support all environments, including embedded systems and browsers. That’s why to run an application in the browser, we need to use JavaScript. The main advantage of Kotlin in Android development is the compatibility with JDK 6, which means that developers can develop solutions for older devices. Other reasons why many Android developers turned to Kotlin include high performance, interoperability, tiny runtime library, and fast compilation. There is no doubt that in the years to come more and more companies will choose Kotlin for their projects.

Kotlin developer meaning

After gathering a sufficient number of applicants, you will begin screening candidates to determine their suitability for the position. During this part of the process, you may review resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and repositories to ensure that you only got to candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the role. Use version control tools such as Git, SVN, or Mercurial to manage their codebase. Debug and test Flutter code, using tools such as the Flutter DevTools, unit testing, and integration testing. We hope that you will find the information provided to be both helpful and informative.

What’s New for Android Developers?

Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile is intended to be a software development kit for creating cross-platform mobile applications. This means that from one Kotlin code base, you’ll be able to compile apps that run on not just Android phones but also iPhones and the Apple Watch. This project is currently in the alpha stage but has a lot of promise.

We will include code examples, where appropriate, for demonstration purposes. Senior Kotlin developers should have a solid foundation in the language, as well as extensive experience in Java and Android-based development. They must have a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and their implementation, and a proven track record of frequent software delivery to production. They should also be highly knowledgeable about the mobile app ecosystem, including front-end components and server-side frameworks.

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The engineers are also more motivated because they don’t need to keep the whole project by one person, which increases the performance level. Another advantage is that if one of the developers leaves the project, other members can distribute the developer’s tasks between each other, which won’t influence the quality of the project. Kotlin is quite a concise programming language that allows for writing programs with less amount of code. It results in a decreased time of debugging as less code means fewer bugs. In this section, we learn about how well-known companies implemented Kotlin in their projects.

  • Utilize the power of HR to find candidates meeting the prerequisites of your company’s culture.
  • Kotlin’s main function does not require a class, and the type of the arguments gets automatically inferred, saving us a bit of work.
  • Statically typed languages perform type checking at compile time versus runtime.
  • Kotlin also offers null safety, which means that it’s much harder to introduce null pointer exceptions into your code.
  • Note that you have to delegate to the default constructor of the extended class, which is similar to calling super() method in the constructor of a new class in Java.

If you are working on a software project or application that requires modern language features and support for functional programming, Kotlin is a great option. Kotlin, for its part, does offer a concise syntax, better support for functional programming, and great null safety features. Kotlin is also 100% interoperable with Java, making it a great option for companies that want to migrate existing Java codebases to a more modern, efficient programming language. Be achieved in Java with libraries like Vavr, formerly known as Javaslang, that provide persistent data types and functional control structures.

Kotlin Developers Job Description Template

These improvements in testing will improve test quality and efficiency. Most engineers developing server-side capabilities or Android applications use Java. Java is an established, well-understood language that has been in existence for over two decades. Since extension functions can be used, it means the default behavior of the operators for all the objects can be changed. For a list of function names for all operators that can be overloaded, check the official documentation. The next thing to note is the syntax differs a bit from Java; first, you declare the variable name and then follow with type.

Kotlin developer meaning

After making sure the developers align to the skillset the role requires, you will need to check their technical abilities to ensure it meets the project’s expectations. Knowing exactly what’s the technical level that the candidates should have can help you design the type of technical https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/android-kotlin-developer/ validation that best adapts to your needs. This means that you’ll have a large pool of qualified applicants if you have future plans for mobile app development. Type inference, data classes, properties, and smart casts are some features that contribute to Kotlin’s conciseness.


Set goals for the team member, both short-term and long-term, and identify actionable steps to achieve them. Discuss opportunities for growth and development within the team or organization. Helping employees identify areas for growth and development, as well as provide guidance on how to achieve their career goals is essential for long-term success. In this guide, we’ll explore some best practices for engineering managers hosting one-on-ones with team members. Last but not least, we value excellent communication and support throughout the project’s life cycle.

These subroutines provide convenient abstractions and deep integrations for React and other JavaScript frameworks. In addition, Kotlin/JS interoperability with the JavaScript ecosystem allows teams to use third-party React components and component libraries. Kotlin is an open-source programming language that has been gaining popularity among Android developers around the world, including LATAM.

What exactly is Kotlin?

The requirements section of a job posting differs from the responsibilities as it lists the qualifications the hiring company has for a potential Kotlin Android developer. This includes academic, professional, and technology-based qualifications. When not featuring separate sections for preferred skills and experience, companies should list those in this section as well. In 2016, Kotlin 1.0 version was released, which was developed by Jet Brains in Russia.

With Kotlin’s continued growth and adoption among both startups and established companies across different industries, demand for Kotlin developers is expected to rise steadily. Gaining expertise in Kotlin and staying current with the latest trends can lead to numerous job opportunities with competitive salary packages. Both specialized roles, such as Kotlin Backend Developers or Android Developers, and more general titles like Full-stack Developers are likely to see increased demand for Kotlin expertise. Salaries for Kotlin developers can range from $70,000 to $120,000 per year, depending on factors such as experience, job location, industry, and size of the company.