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On the one hand, you hate what your life has become due to drinking. On the other, you’re scared to death of what sobriety will do to your world. Remembering the last time we drank is a vital tool in the recovery process, because our disease wants us to forget. It wants us to romanticize our alcoholism, but when we “play the tape all the way through,” we see that such a romanticization is a lie. I had a watershed moment when I attended my first sober hen do last spring. The bride-to-be, one of my besties, almost hadn’t invited me as she’d assumed it would be my idea of hell. But there was no way I was going to miss celebrating with her.

Sober tailgate puts recovery on display – Virginia Tech Daily

Sober tailgate puts recovery on display.

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A drink of wine or a joint won’t make you feel better, so you have to get sober instead. Getting sober means replacing your primary coping mechanism – drugs and alcohol – with new, unfamiliar ones. The process can be uncomfortable, particularly for someone who is afraid of feeling in general. Will all of the hard work be worth it? Will sobriety be boring, sustainable?

Why people are afraid to get sober:

It’s a dysfunctional version of “playing it safe.” You deserve better than that. Realizing that sobriety means you’ll have to find new ways to handle your “stuff” is frightening.

  • This kind of transition makes people feel uncomfortable.
  • Well, the athletic boat has sailed and patience needs a whole lot of work.
  • I honestly did not know what people did for fun without being slightly or very drunk.
  • You only get back from the program what you give to your recovery.
  • They don’t know when or how, but they trust that it will happen.

Once sober, we begin to realize just how badly we’ve hurt the people we love. When we get out of rehab and make it home, however, the real guilt sets in. And if we don’t get a handle on that guilt, we start to convince ourselves that we’ll never be able to make amends. We start to tell ourselves that we’re not worthy of forgiveness – that no one would fear of being sober want to be friends with people like us. In the blink of an eye, we can convince ourselves of some pretty scary things. Rely on Your Support Network – Those recovering alone have a tougher time than those with a solid support network. Friends, loved ones, and your recovery team at Gratitude Lodge can provide real encouragement when you need it most.

responses to “Thawing Out the Fear of Going Sober”

Leave it alone, give it time, and it will go away on its own. Besides, allowing the fear of failure to completely influence big decisions like this is a cop-out.

When you do start to deal with your problems in healthier ways , you are going to feel completely transformed and unstoppable. In fact, this fear personally led to a dozen failures in my own sobriety journey. Many of us drink because we need something to turn down the volume of the toxic shame parade running through our brains. It’s also equal parts wrong and ridiculous. But I totally get where it comes from. For years, I worried about the impact of sobriety on my social life.

Detoxing From Drugs Or Alcohol: Why Do Users Fear It?

However, those that start the AF journey, have some of these. I wrote all the withdrawal symptoms down and kept them by my bed, chair, in the car, purse, and bathroom drawer. Perhaps the most common phobia in recovery is facing the idea of sobriety. Addiction for many has been a coping mechanism — instead of facing challenges, they simply chose to escape into an oblivious state.

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Treating Prescription Drug Use in Teens With the Help of a Family Program

Things that happen in life may feel as if they’re too difficult to deal with without the effects of a substance. People may want to feel numb so they can overlook the bad things in their life. That often leads to https://ecosoberhouse.com/ being unable to see or enjoy the good as well. There are many effects of using drugs or alcohol that go beyond feeling high or drunk. There arealcohol blackouts, meaning you don’t remember anything that happens.

Do heavy drinkers live longer than non drinkers?

Researchers found that moderate alcohol drinkers are more likely to live longer over a 20-year follow-up than heavy drinkers and abstainers. Moderate drinking means consuming about one or two drinks per day.